A search engine for researching competitors, industry data, and trends

Dockpit is a research engine that allows anyone to easily implement digital marketing strategies.
With Japan’s largest online behavioral database of 2.5 million people, we provide powerful insights
through competitor and market analyses and help enhance the understanding of users to guide
decision-making toward achieving business goals.

Why Dockpit?


Use the largest* and unique online behaviour log data in Japan

*2.5million consumer panel members


10+ years’ of accumulated data


Supported 300+ Japanese companies

Functions of


Provides an intuitive perspective of the performance of “competitor websites”

By simply inputting a URL, you can intuitively interpret the data, such as website traffic data and the traffic source of not only your own website but also those of your competitors. Also includes user attribute information so the data can be analyzed in detail.

Usage Scenarios and Use Cases
For the Marketing Team

You can evaluate your company’s websites and strategies by analyzing competitor websites and their customer attraction strategies and respective strengths and weaknesses. Results from the analysis can also be output in Excel, PowerPoint or in PDF format for smooth internal deployment and documentation.

For Sales & Planning

Quickly analyze basic indicators and the traffic sources of competitor websites and introduce the findings in your proposals. Detailed customer attraction strategies developed around inflow keywords and web advertisements reveal the client’s strengths and challenges, allowing you to improve the accuracy of sales planning while reducing man-hours.

Analyze the INDUSTRY

Capture “market trends” in a timely manner

Understand and foresee overall market trends and plan ahead by recognizing the size and number of websites, industry market share, and website rankings across a specified industry.

Usage Scenarios and Use Cases
For Business Planning

Analyze conversion rates compared to competitor websites to understand bottlenecks in your products and services. Design appropriate KPIs and execute strategies as soon as possible.

For Planning & Operations

By comparing your company’s website with the overall online industry trends, you can propose measures to your clients from a fuller point-of-view by analyzing the differences in traffic sources and factors that affect performance.

Recognize TRENDS

Identify “Consumer Needs” based on keywords

Research search keywords and websites/apps growing at an upward trend, along with user attributes.
You can see who is interested and what they are interested in, and you can identify the needs and foresee a popular hit.

Usage Scenarios and Use Cases
For Product Planning

For new product planning proposals, we help uncover latent customer needs, which cannot be uncovered using POS data, by identifying keywords that show a sharp rise in popularity. Develop persuasive proposals that drive the successful execution of your plans.

For Advertising Agencies

Identify your clients’ target consumers for their products and services and the interests among those consumer. The findings can be used for SEO, keyword selection for listing ads, and for ad creatives, etc.

Unique Strengths

Dockpit’s strength is its ability to draw highly-accurate data from the real behavioral data of online consumers.
You can identify the exact route each website visitor took to the website.

Owned user data

The largest database for online behavior in Japan with data from 2.5 million people

Receive daily search and viewing data from the consented consumer panel. You can continue to use the service without being affected by cookies.

Get detailed user attribute data

You can conduct a detailed target analysis by identifying the qualities of the user, such as gender, age group, place of residence, marital status, and the presence or absence of children, annual household income, etc. as well as the types of behaviors they are conducting online.

Our own analysis feature

Analyze by directory /
web page

You can specify and analyze by directory / web page, so you can compare specific pages instead of the entire website.

Not influenced by the unique user attributes of each search engine

Since online behavioral data is gathered on search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, data can be analyzed without being influenced by the unique user characteristics of each search engine.

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