A Research Engine that enables marketers to understand competitors, industries, and trends.

Dockpit enables to understand marketing and users based on online behavior logs of consumers. Anyone can easily start 3C Analysis (company, competitor, customer) with an intuitive dashboard. Dockpit completes data-driven marketing in short time.

Feature: Dashboard

Data analysis, easy for everyone
Marketing Dashboard

Dockpit’s dashboard shows visualized information necessary for marketing, which enables data analysis with intuitive operations.

  • What you need to do is only enter the website URL or keywords.
  • Visualized data is available in one screen.
  • Easily and intuitively user interface
Intuitive & Comprehensible
Intuitive & Comprehensible
Intuitive & Comprehensible
Feature: Competitor & Market Trend Analysis

Stay aware of trends among
competitors and changes in the market.
Data of 2.5 million consumer panel
members in Japan, including user

Dockpit makes competitor and market trend analysis possible for web marketing, based on our own data source of 2.5 million consumer panel members in Japan.

  • Analyze competitor’s Website from different perspectives.
  • Covers all the status of industries and markets that you are interested in.
  • Enables detailed analysis with the biggest consumer panel (including users’ attributes) in Japan.
Site Analysis / Industry Analysis
Site Analysis / Industry Analysis
Site Analysis / Industry Analysis
Feature: Consumer Needs & Trends Analysis

Analyze features of activities and
consciousness of users.
Stay aware of consumer needs and

Dockpit enables to learn consumer needs and trends in online activities. Data of consumer panel with user attributes, makes it possible to track online behavior of target audience.

  • User analysis based on data of search activities.
  • Learn online behavior of your target audience.
  • Discover new keywords or trends.
Customer Insight / Trends Analysis
Customer Insight / Trends Analysis
Customer Insight / Trends Analysis

All the information you need can be found quickly. So that you can focus on strategic thinking.

Make data analysis easier by multiple functions.
For marketers to understand competitor, market trend, and consumer.

is suitable for those who,

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