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Survey research and analysis of the consumer panel

Surveys are excellent for capturing offline behaviors and understanding the psychological aspect.
We can work with a wide range of client challenges and issues.
At VALUES, our experienced marketing researchers work with clients to sort out and solve their fundamental issues and provide consistent service across proposing the optimal research methods to reporting the findings that help discover solutions.

What is Behavior Log Analysis x Surveys?

This analysis and research method incorporates the strengths of data collected from Listening and Asking.
VALUES owns online behavior log data and user attribute data collected from 2.5 million consumer panel members.
The consumer panel can be surveyed, allowing for consumers to be further segmented and analyzed in-depth using information other than log data.


Online behavior log data, etc.

○Verifiable due to factual data
○Ability to collect data of forgettable behavior
○Ability to collect data on unconscious behavior
○Ability to collect search (search/consideration) data

△It lacks accuracy due to forgetting or misunderstanding
△It is not able to collect data regarding unconscious behaviors


Surveys, interviews, etc.

○You can ask specific questions to gather certain kinds of information
○You can ask about and collect both online and offline behaviors
○You can grasp and understand the background behind behaviors, such as reasons and values

△It lacks accuracy due to forgetting or misunderstanding
△It is not able to collect data regarding unconscious behaviors

With Log Data x Surveys

✔Both online and offline behaviors can be analyzed
✔Consumer insights, such as consumer attitudes at the time of purchase, can be obtained through surveys
✔Details of online behaviors that are often forgotten, such as search history, can be analyzed
✔Target users that cannot be determined from log data alone can be identified and sampled

VALUES spoke at ESOMAR Congress 2022, one of the world's largest marketing research conferences

VALUES was a speaker at the ESOMAR Congress 2022 (Location: Toronto, Canada; Dates: September 18-21, 2022), a conference held by ESOMAR, the world’s largest marketing research organization.Out of over 330 applications submitted from 40 countries, only two companies, one being VALUES, were selected from Japan to speak at the conference.

For the presentation, we shared a customer journey that organizes user insights by stages in the purchasing process that was created using online behavior log data and surveys collected from Japanese consumers.We introduced the latest marketing techniques that allow us to understand actual purchasing behaviors even in a cookie-less era.

Analysis & Consulting


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