Provide service based on Our Own Big Data Source and
Innovative Analysis Technology.

We provide service based on our own big data source and analysis technology, including online behavior, and payment history of credit cards.Experts in each field make recommendations corresponding to your needs and provide strong support for your business expansion.


Analysis Service of Online Behavior Logs

What is Dockpit? A Research Engine that enables marketers to understand competitors, industries, and trends.

An advanced tool for quick data-driven marketing research based on online behavior logs of consumer panel members (with their permission). Anyone can easily start 3C Analysis (company, competitor, competitor).


Analysis Service of Online Behavior Logs Dockpit Features


Data analysis, easy for everyone
Marketing Dashboard

Dockpit’s dashboard shows visualized information necessary for marketing, which enables data analysis with intuitive operations.

2.Competitor & Market Trend Analysis

Stay aware of trends among competitors and changes in the market.Data of 2.5 million consumer panel members in Japan, including user attributes.

Dockpit makes competitor and market trend analysis possible for web marketing, based on our own data source of 2.5 million consumer panel members in Japan.

3.Consumer Needs & Trends Analysis

Analyze features of activities and consciousness of users. Stay aware of consumer needs and trends.

Dockpit enables to learn consumer needs and trends in online activities. Data of consumer panel with user attributes, makes it possible to track online behavior of target audience.

4.Consumer Panel

2.5 million consumer panel members, including user attributes

We own data source with 2.5 million consumer panel members, which is the biggest consumer panel in Japan. It enables to learn online behavior of users, with users’ attributes such as gender, age, annual income, and residential area.

Analysis Service of Online Behavior Logs Highly recommended for…

  • Do not know the trends of their competitors, market, and users.
  • Are too busy with data gathering and have no time for analysis.
  • Want to do user analysis in more detail.

Analysis Service of Online Behavior Logs Secure Infrastructure

  • Dockpit use Amazon Web Services with high security.
    You can use it with no worries about information security.

Find Consumer Insights by both Online Behavior Log Data and Questionnaire Survey What is Online Behavior Log Analysis × Questionnaire Survey?

Advanced method for data analysis and marketing research, incorporating strengths of Listening and Asking data.
VALUES owns online behavior log data of 2.5 million consumer panel members, linked to the user attributes. Questionnaires for the panel members enable consumer segmentation and detailed analysis.


Online Behavior Log Data, etc.


  • Certainty is guaranteed by Fact Data.
  • Enables to obtain Data of Activities that can be forgotten by consumers.
  • Data of Unconscious Activities can be obtained.
  • Data of Search History (Search and Consider)


  • Data is limited to Online Behavior.
  • Data of Consumer Consciousness and Psychological Context are not available.


Questionnaire Survey, Interview, etc.


  • Enables Straight-to-the-Point questions.
  • Enables questions about both Online and Offline behavior.
  • Shows Consumer Consciousness and Context of Actions, such as reasons and sense of values.


  • Uncertainty can be generated by Human errors.
  • Data of Unconscious Activities are not available.

What if Online Behavior Log Data × Questionnaire Survey?

  • Enables analysis of both Online and Offline behavior
  • Consumer insights are available through questionnaire Survey (ex. What they thought at the point of purchase)
  • Enables analysis of Online Behavior, such as Search History that can be forgotten by consumers.
  • Enables Extraction of Targets that cannot be known in Online Behavior Log Data.

What is Global Market Research Service?

Global marketing research that understands consumers around the world with extensive data resources from Offline Survey to Big Data, reaching consumers in more than 80 countries.

What is Global Market Research Service? Target area

What is Global Market Research Service? Features of VALUES Overseas Market Research Service

Applied to 81 countries

We offer research around the world, from China to Asia, Southeast and North America.

  1. ・Quantitative Survey
  2. ・Social Listening Analysis
  3. ・Ecommerce Data
  4. ・Qualitative Survey
  5. ・Marketing Research in China, etc.

Baidu Official Partner

Extensive Data Source

We offer consistent service with wide range of solutions through Quantitative Survey like Questionnaire, Qualitative survey like Interview, Analysis of Social Listening and Searched Keywords.

  1. Quantitative Research
  2. Qualitative Research
  3. Big Data Analysis

Full Support provided by Global Marketing Specialists

High quality research is guaranteed, as is designed, managed, and reported by staffs highly experienced in global marketing research and bilingual researchers originally from the target countries.

Online Chat Qualitative Research, with Lion Corporation which got unexpected Insights of Chinese consumers

Various achievements in global marketing research

We offer various methods of marketing research in Asia, Europe, and North America, from major manufacturers to trading companies and advertising agencies.

Cosmetics/Medical supplies/Daily necessaries/Beverage/Food/ Home appliances /Travel/Shopping mall/Telecommunication/IP・Intellectual property/Municipality/Trading company/Advertisement agency, etc.


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