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With our robust data, Dockpit provides a complete picture of the Japanese market.

Having the largest Japanese consumer behaviour database, Dockpit enables you to understand the Japanese market and its users instantly.
Simple for anyone to analyse the Japanese market from strategy to tactics.

Why Dockpit?

Use the largest* and unique online behaviour log data in Japan
*2.5million consumer panel members

10+ years’ of accumulated data

Supported 250+ Japanese companies

Organize “who” “what” “how” of the Japanese market,
from strategy to tactics

  • Visualise marketing strategies other companies use to reach customers
  • Measure advertising effectiveness
  • Check the inflow source of users
  • Narrow down the information by gender or age
  • Learn trends by month, day of week and time of day
  • Any keywords and keyword phrases

We value usability

  • Get detailed market data instantly with an intuitive Dashboard
  • Monthly update: possible to check data from more than 3 years ago
  • Accompanying support with English-speaking customer success team